The dating site checker has been a great runner on my website, so I created a checker for you guys. There are already a few dating site checkers on my website, but I am not sure if they are still working. If I get time and API, I’ll also try to update those checkers. The interface is the same as my previous Crunchyroll checker, but this one also supports the drag-and-drop feature. That means if you drag your combo to the Total Lines box and drop it, it will automatically load your combo. And same is the case with proxies, but you will drop the file on the Total Proxies box this time., as the name indicates, is a dating site like POF, MeetMe, etc. It’s an online dating world launched in 1993 and covers more than 32 countries.

There is no custom; every good account counts as a hit. It captures the account’s username, country, city, gender, and balance. If you face any bug or issue, let me know I’ll fix that. And one more thing that I forgot to mention in my previous post is that you need .Net Core 5 to use this tool.

Capture Format

<-----{ Checker By PJ}----->
Username: baba
Country: MW
Gender: mal
Balance: 40

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