Combo Leecher 2020

Combo Leecher 2020

Today I’m presenting to you the latest combo leecher by xRisky v1. Many of you guys were facing problem in finding combos. So that’s why I decided to upload it on my website. It works more like a slayer leecher. You can add keywords by typing or import a keywords file from your computer. It also has multiple search options like Search Engine, Search Time, Search in. You can use it with proxies or proxy less as well. The main thing about this it will also filter your keywords between good and bad. If you face any problem while using this tool because it has a lot of options, then let me know. If you want more tools like this, then don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel needs your support and love.

If you like this tool, don’t forget to tell in the comments and If you have any questions, you can contact me using the “Contact Me” page. I’ll reply to you as soon as possible. Note: Before you download the tool, make sure you check the VirusTotal link. If you find this is harmful, don’t use it on your personal computer. Use it on RDP, VPS, or sandbox. If you want to purchase RDP/VPS use this link to purchase furthermore you can get a 5% discount on your purchase by using this promo code “PJ”.


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