Mediafire Checker

Mediafire Checker

Today I’m presenting to you my latest checker of Mediafire v0.3. This checker is based on a mobile API. It literally took me 2 weeks to code this checker; the worst part of it was the encryption that they used on every request, but at last, I was able to figure it out. I tried my best to make it detail capture. I’m sure you will not find a single config or checker of Mediafire like this. I hope you are gonna like it. If you like my efforts, you can donate to me by clicking the “B” button; don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

If you like this tool, don’t forget to tell in the comments and If you have any questions, you can contact me using the “Contact Me” page. I’ll reply to you as soon as possible. Note: Before you download the tool, make sure you check the VirusTotal link. If you find this is harmful, don’t use it on your personal computer. Use it on RDP, VPS, or sandbox.


        1. It is working with the right location you can login into accounts. If u use a specific country proxies so you will be able to login using VPN. And when did I say it is not working?

    1. Yup you can say that Cuz every account requires verification on login from a new location my bad I didn’t try to open an account.

      1. Its just sad because mediafire alwas held juicy info 🙁
        They got and sendsapce is following the change too …..
        4shared & Zippyshare Still Work but there not the popular anymore most accounts are empty or just shitty contents

      2. Well dont you think you should remove it along with you other checker that are 100% DEAD or do you just wanna profit instead of Good User Base???? im dont trying to be an asshole at all just curious on your POV when it comes to checkers being dead but stil allowing people to download them

        1. I totally agree with you and I also want to do that but I don’t have enough time. As I make tools myself it takes a lot of time and I’m also working on a couple of Andorid projects besides this I also have a youtube channel, discord server, FB page and a life

          1. i own a site and code myself and still work a day job. in 2 min i can remove the thread or remove download link or add tot he title that its dead…. its just part of owing a site .. but it its what it is atleast you admitted the flaw. So atleast you are being Honest .. but it all has to do with the same thing of trying to build a trustworthy(Altough nobody online can ever be trused) community with people that will want to supoort you and what your doing . as im sure thats what made you make a site/server/page for

          2. But here we are talking about 200 to 300 post I have to manually check the tool either it’s working or not it can consume a lot of time

          3. amount of of post is irrelevant… you can post 1k a day and if there no good than its just a waste of time ..if you m make 100 post and 50 of them are not working than whats the point ?? i think bottom line is you dont take it down so you can still profit from downloads and i get it just would be nice to hear it admit the truth and not sugar coat it . i manually check and upload mine dump combos proxies code tools and code configs … multi platform and i still have enough respect for my community to take something down when its dead id rather have a good community han thinking of the comunity as a $$$$$

          4. HE or SHE. might be an asshole and shouldnt have said what they said in that manor !!

            But the Person did have a point and is correct on somethings about site..( Im not trying to be disrespectful ) So please dont take it that way

            But should not have blindsided you …

          5. ive been around for awhile…. i remember when bugs and it was only a page didn’t have a sections now look its well organized and you tool your time and built it to what is is which you did a great job im not trying to take that away from you and hell you posted other coders tools and than learned it yourself and started making some very good checkers with well bult source code i mean very well built .. It just seems like you lost interest in the site :/

  1. I appreciate your work but after cracking can’t log in any of those accounts: “You have entered an invalid login. (attempt 1 of 10)
    If you are logging in from a new location please respond to any emails confirming your ownership of the account.

    Is there any way around? their security too tight..

      1. I tried on android emulator with app and got: incorrect user or pass (checked 5 accounts) can’t log in somehow but your checker gave hits with file tree..

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