New Spotify Config

Today I’m presenting to you the latest Spotify working config with new IOS API. Many of you guys were asking for new Spotify config so here it is. It is working fine I have tested this before uploading. If you want more stuff like this then don’t forget to subscribe my YouTube channel needs your support and love.

Config: Spotify
Author: TG- @PremiumHost Sahil
Combo: Email: Pass/User: Pass
Capture: Yes
Proxy: Yes
Recommended Bots: 100
Last Checked: 05/15/2020
Platform: OpenBullet


  1. Is this patched???
    if so, is there any config out there that isnt? I would really appreciate it if you would publish a new one if possible
    if its not patched what am i doing wrong? my hits showing fails in literally all the spotify configs.

  2. Where is my comment? Would you like me to FUCK YOU, tell me please…?

    Don’t once again delete my comment by accident!

    And one more thing: that you immediately answered all the questions you asked on the site! Browse the entire site one more time.

    1. What was your comment? If I have deleted your comment then sorry for that. You can ask your question again.

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