Proxy Leecher v0.3

Proxy Leecher v0.3

Today I’m dropping my latest proxy leecher v0.3. This leecher is based on proxyscrape API. You can grab HTTPS, SOCKS4, and SOCKS5 proxies with just one single click. It saves each type of proxies in a separate file. Note these proxies are not HQ but still you can use them with 60% to 70% checkers and configs. I hope you are going to find this tool helpful. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel also you can find this tool on my android app PJ Tools.

If you like this tool, don’t forget to tell in the comments and If you have any questions, you can contact me using the “Contact Me” page. I’ll reply to you as soon as possible. Note: Before you download the tool, make sure you check the VirusTotal link. If you find this is harmful, don’t use it on your personal computer. Use it on RDP, VPS, or sandbox.


12 thoughts on “PROXY LEECHER BY PRINCE JACK V0.3”
  1. Thanks for uploading this useful tool! Appreciating the effort!
    What methods for making private combos are the best in 2021? Is the method with the dorking generators still working?

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