Proxy Tool v0.2

Here is the latest version of My proxy tool v0.2I added one new feature in it now it can also check proxies besides grabbing. The most important thing in the previous version you can drag the tool so I decided to change the whole interface and come with the brand new interface

Proxy Grabber is the same didn’t change or add anything maybe in next version.

You can check your proxies with this checker. It saves data in two formats one with simple working proxies and second filter by country. if you get duplicates and I’m sure you will then use “remove duplicate”  button. It autosaves working proxies so you don’t need to save them manually. 

I also added one new feature in about you can also donate me now 😉 if you want to. If you like this tool don’t forget to tell in comments. If you don’t know how to use this tool here is a video tutorial.

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