Fansly Checker v1.1

Fansly Checker v1.1

Many of you guys were requesting for Onlyfans checker but I wasn’t unable to create one so, here it is Onlyfans alternative fansly checker v1.1. Since onlyfans decided to ban thousand of adult content people are moving towards the new platforms and Fansly is one of them. If you want more detail on Fansly I suggest that you should google it.

Let’s talk about the checker and its features. This checker is based on a very fast API and works great even with public proxies. It captures username, images count, videos count, subscriber count, and subscription. If a user does not have any subscription such accounts are flagged as free and save in a separate file. Also if the account has 2fa security enabled it goes to a separate file calls “2FA” and the same is the case with premium accounts.


  • User friendly Interface
  • Easy to use
  • Support upto 500 threads
  • Support all type of proxies including socks4a and IPVanish
  • Include stop feature
  • You can filter results
  • Works extremley fast

Before downloading any tools make sure you check the VirusTotal link and if you suspect anything fishy then use that tool on RDP or VM.



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