GoDaddy Checker Source

GoDaddy Checker Source

Today I’m dropping the GoDaddy checker source code that is coded by me. This checker gives only a valid account and doesn’t capture any information. If you want to add some additional capture, then It’s up to you. I coded this checker based on GoDaddy config. You can find that config on my website. I’m sure you will need that config if you want to make some changes to the source. So here are the things that you must have to run this code successfully on your computer.
1. Visual Studio
2. xNet
3. Net Framework 4.5

There is nothing new in this checker so you will not learn anything new from this source but you should look at it once to clear your concepts. I hope this source code will help you in your learning. If you like this source then don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel.


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