NordVPN Checker Source

NordVPN Checker Source

Here it is my latest NordVPN checker v0.3 source code. Many of you guys were asking for this, that’s why I decided to release it here. I used the new API of NordVPN in this tool. This one is a little slow but still, fast than the other APIs. It captures plan type and expiry date. Here are the following things that you will need to run this code on your computer successfully
1. Visual Studio
2. Extreme.Net
3. Net Framework 4.5

So what will you learn from this code? You will be going to learn the following things from this code.
1. How to convert string in Base64Encode
2. How to convert time to Unix
3. How to convert time Unix to current
and few other things. I hope you will find this source useful. If it does, then don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel; it needs your support and love.


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