PSN Config (DEAD)

Today I’m presenting to you the latest and one and only working config of PSN. This config captures wallet and games as you can see in the above image. This config works great with public proxies. Many of you guys were asking for PSN config or brute checker so here it is. If you like more tools like this don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Config: PSN
Author: FFaez1267
Combo: Email: Pass
Capture: Yes
Proxy: Yes
Recommended Bots: 10-50
Last Checked: 04/18/2020
Platform: OpenBullet

How To Download


  1. Yeah can you juice this acct. for me they called me fake cause I’m learning code python and well I never passed 9th grade $404Qyndric40@cashapp

  2. hola!!! queria saber si puedo contactar contigo de alguna forma para preguntarte un par de cosas!! un saludo crack!

  3. hey bro ! again you are so good at this ! thanks a lot ! the api was patched yesterday by psn ! can you upload a new config sir ? thanks a lot !

    1. si parece que la tumbaron funciono , pero a las horas se murio , espero a que suba alguna mas de psn , gracias de antemano crack

        1. Recently there was one working config for PSN but that one has been patched now mean dead. And there is no updated version has been released yet 🙁

          1. yeah here is the problem ! thanks a lot for searching though ! one more thing , do you know how to get private api ? that would be helpful !

      1. Hey pjsins it never lets me download even with ad blocker the link says to take it off and I did and more links pop up

        1. By the way this config dead now. And have you watched the video?
          And don’t worry from now I’ll be using mega instead of file-upload

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