Toluna API Config

I’m presenting to you latest Toluna API config of OpenBullet. This config captures Balance and Country. It also works well with public proxies it will give you around 200 CPM. What you can with this config if you get an account with a high balance you can exchange those points with a Gift Card or PayPal cash. I have personally checked this config before uploading and it is working like a charm.

Toluna API Config

Config: Toluna
Author: Seliax#0561
Combo: Email: Pass/User:Pass
Capture: Yes
Proxy: Yes
Recommended Bots: 100
Last Checked: 03/22/2020
Platform: OpenBullet


  1. nvmd, i figured it out how, btw, don’t you have a config about valued opinions or other surveysite? i know some tricks with the surveys like the end links to finish the survey without making it and you get the points.

  2. i’ts still working? i’m interested on try this? but were i can get the accounts? i’m a newbie on the cracking scene

  3. I didn’t even think Toluna provided such a service.

    I asked something else, but it doesn’t matter now

  4. First, many thanks for the config. Works perfectly.

    What i wanted to ask is what when you get accounts with balance? I got something with hundredths and even thousands… What should i do now? I don’t want PayPal cash. Cash is what i don’t want, not electronic payments. For example i would like to by one VPN. Can you advise me how. I don’t know much about Gift Cards… Please help.

    1. Well Toluna doesn’t provide that service to buy VPN you can only trade points with gift cards or with balance

  5. hey man ! thanks for your high efforts ! its working perfectly no doubt ! do you have any alternatives for such websites ? swagbucks config for example !

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