Netflix Config

Netflix Config

Today I’m presenting to you the latest and private Netflix OB(OpenBullet) Config. This Netflix config uses the IOS API that’s this config is super fast. This config works even with public proxies but if you want high CPM you should use HQ proxies with this config. I have tested this config and it’s great. Here is the capture format of this config.
Plan: Premium
Screens: 4
Quality: UHD
DVD: false
Next Billing: 19 February 2020
Country: IE
Netflix Config | by INFINITEY#6622

Config: Netflix
Author: INFINITEY#6622
Combo: Email: Pass
Capture: Yes
Proxy: YES
Recommended Bots: 200
Last Checked: 02/19/2020
Platform: OpenBullet

If you like this tool, don’t forget to tell in the comments and If you have any question, you can contact me using the “Contact Me” page. I’ll reply to you as soon as possible. Note: Before you download the tool, make sure you check the VirusTotal link. If you find this is harmful, don’t use it on your personal computer. Use it on RDP, VPS, or sandbox. Subscribe my YoutTube Channel.


  1. It’s outdated i updated it now its working but the hits get blocked right away when ever i get a hit when i try to login to it it say incorrect password and if i manage to be qwik i login to it but right after that i wont login again incorrect password !!! Any idea why it’s doing that (it’s like netflix algorithm detect that the account has been cracked ) can tel me why ?

    1. It may be the problem with proxies yeah Netflix has enough ability to detect account location and then run analysis on the basis of previous login history. It can be the case.

  2. Config is not working. I cheeked the same combo with xRisky’s checker and with this config. I got zero with this config and over 150 free accs with xRisky’s checker. Tested about 4500 acc of an good combo. Free accs are tested by me and no mistake. I’ve noticed something unusual before that i never got some hit with that config, even custom. In several occasions.

    Thing that surprises me i the fact that Infinitey is the author (unmistakable).

    1. I can’t say anything about it cuz I tested it before uploading the config and I found it working that’s why I uploaded it. I’m not sure about xRisky checker cuz I haven’t used that one.

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