Today I’m presenting to you latest mail access checker by ShadowOxygen name ShadowMailX. This checker is written in python but don’t worry you don’t need to type any extra command to use this checker. All you have to do place your combo and proxies in checker destination. Rename your proxy file to “proxies.txt” and run this checker. It will ask for your combo name with extension. Make sure your combo must be located in checker folder. Default thread setting is 100 and the proxy type is HTTP. If you want to change this setting you can change it by edit “configuration.yml“.

If you like this tool, don’t forget to tell in the comments and If you have any questions, you can contact me using the “Contact Me” page. I’ll reply to you as soon as possible. Note: Before you download the tool, make sure you check the VirusTotal link. If you find this is harmful, don’t use it on your personal computer. Use it on RDP, VPS, or sandbox.


  1. Hello. Can you introduce me a software that is the most complete mail access checker? For example, some of them give fake hit or some do not support mail servers. For example, some of them are not suport or some dont suport cox or any . .plz give me best mail access checker name . ty

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