Spotify Config (DEAD)

Today I’m presenting to you the best Spotify config created by Infinitey. This config saves each hit in separate files as you can see in the above image. You can use this config with proxies or without proxies mean proxyless. It gives you a good CPM. This config also organizes family owner accounts in separate files according to the country as shown below. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Config: Spotify
Author: Infinitey
Combo: Email: Pass/User:Pass
Capture: Yes
Proxy: NO
Recommended Bots: 200
Last Checked: 02/26/2020
Platform: OpenBullet

How To Customize Config
Customize Capture:
Premium:<USER>:<PASS> | Country:<Country>*
Family Owner:<USER>:<PASS> | Invites left: <InvitesLeft> | Invite tokens: <Token> | Address: <Address>*
How To Use File Output:
1. Download the .zip file and unzip it
2. Paste the Hits Folder in the same Folder as Openbullet and the configs folder in the open bullet folder.
(If you have Hits folder already then go inside the hits folder i provided and move the Spotify By INFINITEY#6622 Folder to your HIts folder at open bullet folder)
3.After Done so run Openbullet (or if you have run rescan)
How To Custom File Output:
1.After you followed How to Use FILE OUTPUT Now go to the Spotify By INFINITEY#6622/Settings
2. Read Custom Output.txt And then follow the instructions to make your Own Custom Output.
3. After you made your custom output Just save the Custom Output.txt file and you are done.
If the output looks like this
EMAIL: PASS | Country:<country>
Then It means you have Typed the variables wrong Please just copy-paste them.

How To Download


  1. The config stopped working for me. All Spotify cofigs (i have a lot of them on my OB 1.4.4) are stopped working including all my Spotify checkers (most of them are from your site). WTF is going on?!?!?!

          1. Common, don’t be a Pichka, tell me what Spotify checker on your website works now when Spotify updated their API

  2. I don’t know how to use Premium Invites. I tried something tonight but nothing. I don’t know even what i was doing…

    Can you help me please?

  3. I tried different OB versions and the problem persists. I’ll try again, but… 🙁

    Thank you very much for the answer. I am really satisfied.

  4. Please, help.

    I have 3 Surfshark configs for OB. All three were working and suddenly stop. The same problem is for Buffered VPN, Hotspot Shield, FlyVPN, Windscribe, etc. All were working. I found my accounts for all all of it, believe you or not. Buffered VPN acc stoped working because pass was changed, but I still have other accs.

    How is possible that such large number of configs suddenly stop working? Is it my computer or the configs? Please help and don’t be short in comments like you usually are. Thanks!

    1. It may be the problem with your OB try to change your OB version and maybe all of the above websites change their API but It’s seems strange how all of these websites can change their API at the same time. I would suggest trying to change your OB version.

  5. What a fuck did you wrote here??? Do you speak Serbian Pravoslavian language at all?! I didn’t understood nothing, but it doesn’t mater. But you are confusing thee other people . Just speak simple Serbian and that’s enough. Otherwise, the config is certainly good. I have their older and works unmistakable but without capture.

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