SQLi Dumper v9.7

This tool is more powerful than the famous Havij SQL injection and has many features including:

-Supports Multi. Online search engine (to find the trajects);
-Automated exploiting and analyzing from a URL list;
-Automated search for data in a bulk URL list;
-Automated analyzer for injections points using URL, POST, Cookies, UserLogin or UserPassword;
-Dumper supports dumping data with multi-threading (databases/tables/columns/fetching data);
-Exploiter supports up to 100x threads;
-Analyzer and Dumper supports up to 50x threads;
-Advanced WAF bypass methods;
-Advanced custom query box;
-Dumper can dump large amounts of data, with greats control of delay each request (multi-threading);
-Easy switch vulnerabilities to vulnerabilities;
-Supports proxies list;
-GeoIP database;
-Internal database;
-Trash System;
-Admin login finder;
-Hash online cracker;
-Reverse IP;
-Standalone .exe (no install).

The SQL Injection Methods that are supported include:

– Union (Integer / String)
– Error (Integer / String)
** Error Methods:
– Double Query
– XPATH – ExtractValue
– XPATH – UpdateXML
– Brute Forcing
– Blind
– Load File
– Load File Scanner
** Illegal Mix Of Collations:
– UnHexHex()
– Binary()
– Cast As Char
– Compress(Uncompress())
– Convert Using utf8
– Convert Using latin1
– Aes_decrypt(aes_encrypt())
– Union (Integer / String)
– Error (Integer / String)
** Illegal Mix Of Collations:
– SQL_Latin1;
– Cast As Char.
– Oracle
– Union (Integer / String)
– Error (Integer / String)
** Error Methods:
** Illegal Mix Of Collations:
– Cast As Char.
** Suports TOP N Types:
– RANK()
** Analizer detects also:
– MS Access
– PostgredSQL
– Sybase

I wanted to use its dork scanner feature for a specific website, not a random search. But, how?

Use this dork in a dork scanner:

.aspx? & site:samplesite.com
.php?  & site:samplesite.com
.asp?  & site:samplesite.com
.pl?   & site:samplesite.com
.jsp?  & site:samplesite.com

And, it simply fetches the links and automatically scans for SQL injection in those links.

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