F.A.K Fortnite Checker By ShaOnKrisTof

FAK Fortnite Checker

The original price of this checker was 80$ If you want to buy the original checker link is given below.
But If you want to use the cracked version below is the download button you can download this checker from there. What’s new in this checker?
Following are some function of this checker.
*** MAX 1000 (1K) Threads(Bot)
This checker works with only mail access combo so if you have normal-combo you won’t get a single hit so make sure you use mail access combos. 
How does this checker work?
It checks mail access if mail is valid and mail contains Fortnite mail messages then it reset password with this mail access and grab the code from the mail then it login to the epic website to capture payment info and other things.


18 thoughts on “F.A.K Fortnite Checker By ShaOnKrisTof Cracked By Mahasona Orignal Price 80$”
    1. mail access means you have direct access to the main account. Every account that will be registered on that account you can recover that like uplay, steam, origin, fortnite and so on.

  1. When I tried to check a combolist with any amount of threads, it crashes instantly, is there any way to fix this?

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