Sentry MBA Guide

The tool is easy to use and draws information from three data sources to mount an effective attack: a configuration file to align the attack to a specific target; a “combo list” (list of valid usernames and passwords) and a list of proxies from which to relay the attack,” he said. “The real value is in the configuration files as it tells the tool how to attack a specific website; these are often traded on hacker forums for significant sums.

Sentry MBA is the most powerful and popular Tool among crackers. 

Sentry cannot do everything, but it can do a lot. Here’s a guide to help you familiarize yourself with Sentry MBA.

This is a video Tutorial That will guide you how to make simple and complex configs for different website.

This should help you get an overall understanding of Sentry MBA, and should open the door to playing with it a bit (no pun intended). Get your feet wet with Sentry, and see if you can learn some more. Good luck!


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