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Here is the latest Reddit checker with brand new features and GUI. The previous version is also working, but I decided to add new features and update the graphical user interface. However, the API is the same that I have used in the previous version of the Reddit checker. I continue to upload videos on my YouTube channel, so don’t forget to check them out.

What is Reddit?

I know this is a silly question because everybody knows about Reddit, but I’ll give you a brief introduction to Reddit. Reddit is an American website where registered members share content like images, videos, text, and links. It is a discussion website where members share their thoughts while others vote for them. I use Reddit to read fan theories about famous TV series or Movies, especially Marvel and DC.


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Reddit was founded on June 23, 2005, and now it has become one of the biggest platforms to share your opinions with others.

Latest Reddit Checker v1.1

As I said above, version 0.3 of Reddit checker is also available on my website that works, but this version v1.1 has some pretty cool features and a beautiful user interface. It saves with coins and without coins accounts in separate files, which is lacking in the previous version. I have also increased the number of threads from 100 to 500 and added a connection timeout feature. However, the capture is the same as v0.3, and I thought of adding an auto-follow element but scrapped the idea later. Maybe in the next version, you will find this feature; let’s hope for the best.

This tool works with public proxies, but you will not get enough speed; that’s why it is recommended to use HQ or good proxies with this tool. I hope you will find this tool helpful. Don’t forget to give your valuable feedback in the comments below.

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Capture Format

———-<Reddit v1.1>———-
ABCdef: ABCxyz
Karma: 1.5k

Coins: 10
is Suspended: false
has Verified Email: true
has PayPal Subscription: true

has Gold Subscription: false
is Mod: false

Download the Latest Reddit Checker


Which type of combo is required for the latest Reddit checker?

This checker only works with User:Pass combo list, so make sure you are using the right one; otherwise, you will only get bad results.

Does this tool work with public proxies?

Yup, it does, but you will get very low CPM. I would suggest using good proxies to get high CPM.

How many threads are recommended?

Recommended threads are 50 to100.

VirusTotal link shows an 18 score. Is it safe to run on my computer?

Yes, it is safe, and there is no such virus or malware. The VirusTotal link shows an 18 score because of the expired version of Guna2UI.


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