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Tunnelbear VPN checker is one of the most asked checkers in the VPNs community. No doubt Tunnelbear is one of the emerging VPNs that have attracted a lot of users over it the past few years. That’s why many people were asking for a Tunnelbear checker; although I have already uploaded v0.3, there is something new in this version that I will talk about ahead. This tool is for those looking for a Tunnelbear VPN crack or Tunnelbear VPN PC crack or Tunnelbear VPN cracked apk version. Like other VPNs, this one is also available for almost all devices.


Check out

I hope you will like the new version that contains more features and a brand new GUI compared to the previous version.

What is Tunnelbear VPN?

I don’t think I need to tell you about this, but let’s talk about a little bit of origin. Tunnelbear is a public VPN service created in 2011 by Daniel Kaldor and Ryan Dochuk. But later, in March 2018, the famous McAfee acquired the Tunnelbear. Now it is available for Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone & iPad, and Tunnelbear VPN extension for browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

It has three types of plans, Free, Unlimited, and Teams, with different prices and features.

Tunnelbear VPN Checker v1.1

One of the significant changes other than GUI in this version is that I have added two APIs, Android, and Web. Let’s talk about the latest features
1. New GUI
2. Increased the number of threads + added timeout
3. Added two different APIs from Android and Web
This tool works great even with public proxies, and you will see a good speed with public and fresh proxies. But still, HQ proxies are recommended soon, and I’ll write a blog about the top 5 proxies providers you must consider while cracking.

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Find out why?

I hope you will like my work, and do let us know your feedback in the comments. Maybe there are some bugs or errors as this is the first time I’m implementing two APIs in one checker. So if you find one, do let me know, and I’ll try to fix them.

Capture Format

———-<Tunnelbear v1.1>———-
ABC@gmail.com: ABCxyz
Plan: Free
Subscription: Tunnelbear Free
Payment Status: Free



Which type of combo is required for Tunnelbear checker v1.1?

This checker works with email:pass combo list so makes sure you are using the right format.

Does this tool work with public proxies?

Yes, it does and CPM is also great with public proxies.

How many threads are recommended?

50 to 100 threads are recommended but you may increase the numbers if you have good proxies.

VirusTotal link shows an 18 score. Is it safe to run on my computer?

Yes, it is safe, and there is no such virus or malware. The VirusTotal link shows an 18 score because of the expired version of Guna2UI.


  1. Boss,pls can you help us to look into the pof checker you made, it’s no longer working with IP vanish vpn socks5 and it’s getting slow on http,sock4, socks5 proxies.Boss we really do appreciate your amazing effort on the pof checker, boss you promised to help us fix the problem about a year ago. Boss when should we be expecting the next update of the pof checker. We’ll be glad to hear back from you soon. Thanks sir.

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