CyberBullet v1.0.1 is another moded version of the original OpenBullet. This variant has been available for quite a long time, but I’m uploading it now on my website as PJsins lack it. I think it’s the last version as from Aug 23, 2021, CuberBullet doesn’t get any further updates till now. After the release of OpenBullet 2, there are high chances of CyberBullet 2 as well. This moded version has many more features and functions lacking from the original OB.

However, SilverBullet, CyberBullet, OpenBullet Anomaly, and any other all are the moded version of the original OpenBullet by Ruri.

What is CyberBullet?

This Web testing suite lets you perform requests towards a target web application with many tools that enable you to work with the result. It allows you to perform procedures such as parsing and scraping data, automated pen-testing, and unit testing through Selenium.


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CyberBullet v1.0.1

There is a long list of features and functions that they updated or added in this version. I have never used CyberBullet, but before posting it on my website when I ran it for testing, I wondered after seeing its features. It works like the other moded variants, but every variant has its quality and function but works the same. There are a lot of never seen features that CyberBullet has, but I’m going to point out a major and cooler one.

Whats new in CyberBullet v1.0.1?

  1. Custom New: This is a new feature that I have noticed in CyberBullet with this new function, you can create multiple runners at once. Type your desired number by default is five and click on the Custom New button. It will make the given number of a runner in no time.
  2. More Blocks: CyberBullet has even more blocks than SilverBullet or OpenBullet Anomaly. There are new blocks that I have noticed in this version.
    • Bcrypt: This block is used to hash the password. Bcrypt Algorithm allows us to build a strong password using a salt. Many sites use the Bcrypt algorithm to protect passwords, and Proton VPN is one of them.
    • Tor4NET: I’m not sure about this block and what is the purpose of this one. If you guys know, do let me know in the comments.
    • Bypass CF2: This block is used to bypass Cloudflare, but I’m not sure if this block still works. CyberBullet contains two blocks to bypass Cloudflare, one called Bypass CF and the other called Bypass CF2. I don’t know the difference between them.
    • ChanceNet: It generates plausible and valid random data, from simple strings to human data and credit cards. With the help of this block, you can generate a random location, credit card, email, username, SSN, and many more.
    • PYRUN: PYRUN block is used to run a python script. If your config requires an external python script, this block is helpful for you.
    • Alternative: Not sure about this one.
    • WebHooks: CyberBullet contains the built-in block for WebHook like Mega, Discord, and Telegram. If you want to send your hits to one of the mentioned platforms, CyberBullet has different blocks to perform this operation.
    • 3 OCR: It also has three different basic, simple, and advanced OCR blocks. OCR stands for optical character recognition, and this block is used when a site has a character captcha; then, you can use this block to recognize the characters given in the captcha.
    • More Functions: The function block is old, but it contains many new functions like Scrypt Encoder, Device ID, and many more missing from other moded versions.
  3. Make Fast: This feature is helpful if you already know the number of blocks required to create the config or if you want to add different types of blocks together. For example, Request + KeyCheck + Parse + Request, a new feature, is helpful for you that will save your time.
  4. Theme & Language Selector: When you run CyberBullet, it will ask you to select your desired theme and language. But right now, it has only three active themes and one language, English.
  5. Tools: It has many tools that can perform variant tasks.
    • List Generator
    • Selenium Tools
    • Config Tools
    • Database
    • TessData
    • Regex
    • TeleHook
    • WordFinder
    • HashTool
    • IPVanish Tool
    • LolixDecrypt
  6. Admin Panel: CyberBullet added the functionality of Admin Panel; with this feature, you can monitor and customize your users.
  7. Addon: It also has different plugins and addons to provide your functionality and customization.

I think I have highlighted all significant functions and features, but if you guys still feel that I have missed something, do let me know. I’ll update the post as soon as possible.

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You must have .Net framework 3.5+ or the latest on your device with Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015. Make sure you have these two installed on your computer before using CyberBullet.

Download CyberBullet


Is CyberBullet available on GitHub?

Nope, If you are looking for CyberBullet GitHub, you won’t find it there.

Can you use CyberBullet on your personal computer?

Yes, you can; although VirusTotal shows three scores, I think it is pretty safe to use it on your device.

Which one is better? CyberBullet vs SilverBullet vs OpenBullet Anomaly

It depends upon you. But if you ask me, I have mainly used OpenBullet Anomaly and SilverBullet. But after seeing the features, it seems CyberBullet has a lot more function and customization options.



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